One of the reasons our office is called “The Group” is because of the wonderful combination of practitioners we have to fit your needs.  You may see any one of the eight board certified OB/Gyn physicians, five Certified Nurse-Midwives, four Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, or our Physician Assistant for your gynecology needs.  If you like, you may choose one practitioner to see for your annual exams and visits.  Even if your usual provider is not available, there is always a skilled practitioner happy to help you address any unplanned health issues.

We offer a wide variety of gynecological services for women of all ages.



Nurse Midwifery care focuses on wellness and patient choice.  Women are encouraged to make informed decisions about their health care. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) will welcome your questions and take the time to listen to you. They believe the normal process of pregnancy and birth is enhanced through education and supportive intervention during labor.  You may use an epidural or pain medications as you may desire.  Your Nurse Midwife feels it is most important that your childbirth be a safe and satisfying experience.

  • Normal pregnancy care
  • Bedside labor support and delivery
  • Birth prep and planning visits
  • Family centered care
    1. Sibling involvement with prenatal visits
    2. Partner involvement with labor and deliveries
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC)
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Gynecological care
  • Birth control


The physicians and nurse practitioners at “The Group” keep abreast of the most advanced treatment options to assist infertile couples. Our physicians treat endometriosis, fibroids, recurrent pregnancy loss, and infertility.

A couple is considered infertile after actively seeking pregnancy for one year.

When pregnancy does not occur, fertility testing is started.

For the female, testing consists of checking for ovulation; this can be done by using an ovulation predictor kit or checking basal body temperatures daily and blood tests which check hormone levels and special x-rays are also done.

For the male; a semen analysis is obtained.

If needed, fertility medications are used for both men and women.  These medications cause a woman to ovulate and increase a man’s sperm count.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure where the man’s sperm is inserted into the woman’s uterus after being washed in the laboratory.  The wash procedure clears dead sperm and debris from the sample thus enhancing the viability of the sperm. Our office performs IUIs every day of the week.

Fertility medications are used alone or in conjunction with intrauterine insemination.

*If you feel you are in need of an infertility consultation, please call our office to schedule an appointment.* 563.355.1853

Group Prenatal Care

What is “Group” Prenatal Care?
Group prenatal care is moving appointments from the exam room into a group space where 8-12 women with similar due dates meet together to participate in a facilitated discussion and develop a support network.

Each group meets together from approximately an hour to an hour and a half for eight sessions throughout pregnancy. We start on time and end on time, no waiting! At every meeting, there is one on one time to meet with the provider for an individual assessment and to voice any concerns privately.

Group prenatal care provides an atmosphere for learning and sharing. Through this care, women are empowered to choose health promoting behaviors. The group discusses various topics including nutrition, exercise, common discomforts of pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor and more!!

In-Office Procedures

For your convenience, we now offer minimally invasive in office procedures. Please contact the office for more information.

  • Bone Density Screening
  • Colposcopy
  • Cryo Therapy
  • Endometrial Biopsy
  • Essure tubal sterilization
  • Hydrothermal ablation
  • Hysteroscopy (with or without polyp removal)
  • In-Tone
  • Apex
  • IUD
    • Mirena
    • Paragard
    • Skyla
  • LEEP
  • Nexplanon
  • Novasure Ablation
  • Suction D&C for miscarriage
  • Ultrasound


  • Hydrothermal Ablations
  • Hysterectomy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laprascopy
  • Novasure Ablation
  • Prolapse Surgery
  • Tubal Ligation
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