Curious about Weight Management at the Group? 

Read some testimonials from individuals in our program.


Kathleen says, “One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how to eat to live and not live to eat. Since starting the program I wake up earlier than I used to with more energy, reduced my heart burn and body aches, and my stomach and digestive issues have improved.”


Stephanie says, “Weight Management at The Group has been different than all the other times I’ve tried to lose weight because I have a team of coaches who answer all my questions and hold me accountable each week, it’s my favorite part.”


Joan says, “My favorite part about the program is that it is working!”


Kathy says, “I am looking forward to transitioning from the New Direction program into a healthy lifestyle, I’ve never felt that way before in past programs. I’ve changed positively by not beating myself up so much when I slip up from my prescribed diet plan or miss a workout.”


Colleen says, “The Weight Management Program at The Group has been different for me because other programs in the past had me so focused on food that I didn’t really focus on the importance of changing my habits and adding exercise into my daily routine.”


Kathleen says, “The support I’ve received from Rachel, Ally & Taylor at each week’s visit, through email, phone calls, and more has been amazing for me!”