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* Individual results may vary.

Weight Management @ The Group is now offering New Direction

New Direction is a medically managed meal replacement program. In the program, we work hand-in-hand with our patients to help them make lasting lifestyle change as they journey toward a place of improved health. Our program is comprehensive. We offer medical monitoring, personal training, group and individual appointments and health coaching based on the science of behavior change to help our patients write their success story. These are just a few examples of some patients who have had success with our program. What will your story be?

New Direction Clinical Results

“Mary” is a woman in her thirties who entered the program 3 months ago at 403#. In three months on the New Direction program, she has lost 65#. Her systolic blood pressure is down 30 points and her blood pressure medication has been reduced. Her original weight loss goal was 40#. Now she plans to just keep going.*

“Joe and Sue” are a couple nearing retirement who entered the program 4 months ago. Together they have lost 60#. Joe’s blood pressure medications have been reduced. They enjoy doing the modified meal replacement program together as they prepare their “beach bodies” for a winter in Florida.*

“Jill” entered the New Direction program 5 weeks ago. She is down 28# and already has improved energy for gardening and keeping up with her grandkids.*

“Kate” is a woman in her thirties who entered the New Direction program 7 weeks ago. She is down nearly 40# and is gaining control over some addictive food behaviors.*

The Weight Management @ The Group team has the answer to your life-long battle with your weight. Come to our Free Orientation night, offered every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., to see what we are up to here @ The Group. This may be the last diet you ever need!

(All names have been changed for patient privacy)
* Individual results may vary.

Rachel Smith, CNM, ARNP

Program Director

Rachel Smith, CNM, ARNPRachel Smith, CNM, ARNP attended University of Illinois, receiving a bachelor’s degree in English. After graduation, she worked for several years in public relations, and started her family. Rachel returned to school after her children were born, attending Trinity College of Nursing in Rock Island. She worked as a labor and delivery nurse while attending the Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia University, where she also received her Masters of Science in Midwifery. She has been practicing midwifery in the Quad Cities since 2006.

Rachel’s areas of interest include Integrative Healthcare focusing on nutrition, exercise and stress management. She heads up the Weight Management Program at The Group, offering medically managed meal replacements as well as one-on-one counseling to help patients achieve their optimal health.

Rachel and her husband Rob have four nearly grown children between them and share a love for adventure travel activities like hiking, rock climbing and scuba diving.

Allison Elfline

Personal Trainer

Allison Elfline, a Midwest native, has had many life experiences leading to her current role as trainer, leader, and coach.  Allison attended Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa, obtaining a degree in Musical Theatre, graduating in 1999 with honors.  In 2002, she and her husband moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where Allison enjoyed a career in semi- and professional theatre for many years.  With a move home to the Quad City area, Allison focused her studies on obtaining a Masters of Science in Education, with a focus on Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Health.  She graduated with honors in May 2014.

Over the years, Allison discovered a passion for combining her love of helping others with a love of nutrition, fitness, and general wellness.  As an employee for Weight Watchers International since 2010, Allison has helped thousands of members achieve their health and fitness goals.  In addition to leading weekly meetings, Allison enjoys her role as Leader Coach with Weight Watchers, training new leaders on how to be successful in the meeting room.  Allison also recently finished her education with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, with specializations in Fitness Nutrition and Women’s Fitness.  In her spare time, Allison enjoys running, reading, and spending time with her family.  She lives in Rock Island, Illinois with her husband Rob, their daughter Violet, and two dogs.

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