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In an effort to keep our patients, staff, and providers as safe as possible due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), The Group is NOW offering telemedicine visits.


  • Birth Control Consult
  • Biopsy Results
  • Lab Results
  • Medication Check
  • Follow-up Appointment
  • Wellness Check
  • Return OB (16 and 24 weeks)
  • Other Visits at the Discretion of your Healthcare Provider



  • Make sure you are in a private, quiet setting with reliable Wi-Fi or cellular service.
  • Follow this link to review the Devices and Connection Guide on the back of this page.


  • Locate your email or text message from The Group containing your visit link:
    • If you do not see an email from The Group, check your junk/spam folder.
    • If you still do not see an email from The Group or have not received a text message, please locate your web browser and type in the URL listed above in the 'Appointment Box'.
    • If you are still experiencing difficulties, please reach out to our office at 563.355.1853.
  • Click the secure link in the email/text to see your provider.
  • You will be taken to a welcome page and asked to enter your first and last name.
  • Once you have entered your name, click check-in. Your provider, or member of your care team, will connect with you as soon as they are ready.
    • Click the message icon at the right of your providers name to send a message to your care team.
  • Once you have finished your visit, click the phone icon.
  • How will my visit be billed?
    • Patients will be billed just as they are if they were seen in the office. Billing may vary depending on the visit they are scheduled for. Telemedicine visits will be submitted to your insurance on file.


    • Update your browser to the most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
    • Please note: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are NOT supported.
    • Update your device to the most recent operating system (version 8 or later).
  • iPHONE/iPAD:
    • Make sure you are using an iPhone 6, or later.
    • Update your device to the most recent operating system (version 11 or later).


  • We recommend using a secure and private internet connection (or cellular service on your mobile device). If you are in a corporate office, firewalls often block the video connection. Turn off Wi-Fi and refresh your page on a cellular device, or try another secure Wi-Fi network on your computer.


  • Patients join via emailed or texted link.
  • No app needed.


  • Device must have front-facing camera.
  • Allow browser access to camera and microphone.
  • Earphones must have a microphone.
  • Turn device volume up.


  • If you are still experiencing difficulties, please reach out to our office at 563.355.1853.

If you have questions regarding your health care needs, payment, or scheduling, please contact our office directly at 563.355.1853. Our current attendance policies apply to telemedicine.

We are ready and willing to assist you with questions about your care, so please do not hesitate to contact us at 563.355.1853

You may also find it helpful to use our online Resources or FAQs. Visit these pages to find definitions and descriptions of terms, procedures, diagnoses, tests, and other information intended to answer some basic questions you may have.

The Group Difference

We believe in collaboration at The Group and during your pregnancy journey, you have the choice of rotating providers for each pre-natal appointment to get to know each one. There will always be a designated Obstetrician and CNM on-call to deliver your baby.

We specialize in pre pregnancy planning, normal and high risk pregnancies, postpartum care and so much more!

Expert Care Icon Expert Care

We are the most experienced group of obstetricians and midwives in the Quad Cities. We are proud to offer unmatched and comprehensive services for all expectant mothers.

Delivery Icon Delivery

We specialize in pre-pregnancy planning, normal and high-risk pregnancies, postpartum care, and so much more! In addition, we offer VBACs (Vaginal Birth After C-section).

Anesthesiologist Icon Anesthesiologist

During labor and delivery there is a dedicated OB anesthesiologist dedicated to you. That means your care is top priority.

Hospital Icon Hospital

We deliver at Genesis East, the hospital with the highest level of neonatal care (NICU) in the Quad Cities. University of Iowa NICU physicians work with us at Genesis so your baby, should the need arise, will receive the best available care.

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