We are proud to be one of the few in the area to offer Group Prenatal Care (GPC), which is prenatal care in a group setting. Group Prenatal Care (GPC) moves appointments from the exam room into a group space where 6-10 women with similar due dates meet together to participate in a facilitated discussion and develop a support network!



As an alternative to traditional prenatal care, this seven-session experience throughout pregnancy allows women with similar due dates to meet and discuss common issues, concerns, and care. You will experience a rotation of midwives throughout the group and are welcome to bring one support person along for each session. The support person can be a partner, mom, friend, or sibling!

Each group meets together for approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours for seven sessions throughout pregnancy. At every meeting, there is one-on-one time to meet with the provider for an individual assessment, so no need to schedule prenatal appointments outside of GPC (unless otherwise directed). This individual time with the provider allows for any concerns to be addressed in private before attending the group session.

We will also schedule an ultrasound for you at around 20 weeks!


  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Common Discomforts 
  • Breastfeeding
  • Labor
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Birth Control Options
  • Newborn Care (local pediatrician)
  • Postpartum care

… and MORE! Group Prenatal Care provides an atmosphere for learning and sharing. 

Patients must be enrolled in the Group Prenatal Care course to participate in sessions. ENROLL NOW by contacting 563.355.1853. 


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Megan Pfiffner, MA, Group Prenatal Care Coordinator

  • Is there an added cost to GPC?
  • Will GPC sessions take the place of my traditional prenatal care appointments?
  • Will I get more time with a provider if I opt for GPC?
  • Will I know the dates of all seven GPC sessions in advance?
  • Can I still choose whether a physician or midwife attends my delivery?
  • Will I still have an ultrasound if I opt for GPC?
  • How often will GPC sessions occur?
  • May I bring a support person with me to GPC?
  • Can I just show up or do I need to ENROLL?
The Group Difference

We believe in collaboration at The Group and during your pregnancy journey, you have the choice of rotating providers for each pre-natal appointment to get to know each one. There will always be a designated Obstetrician and CNM on-call to deliver your baby.

We specialize in pre pregnancy planning, normal and high risk pregnancies, postpartum care and so much more!

Expert Care Icon Expert Care

We are the most experienced group of obstetricians and midwives in the Quad Cities. We are proud to offer unmatched and comprehensive services for all expectant mothers.

Delivery Icon Delivery

We specialize in pre-pregnancy planning, normal and high-risk pregnancies, postpartum care, and so much more! In addition, we offer VBACs (Vaginal Birth After C-section).

Anesthesiologist Icon Anesthesiologist

During labor and delivery there is a dedicated OB anesthesiologist dedicated to you. That means your care is top priority.

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We deliver at Genesis East, the hospital with the highest level of neonatal care (NICU) in the Quad Cities.

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