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We are a ‘Group’ of Obstetricians and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) dedicated to walking with you on your path to Motherhood. We specialize in pre pregnancy planning, normal and high risk pregnancies, postpartum care, and so much more!

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At The Group, we want you to know that the safety of you and your baby always comes first. We work with the OB physicians and, should it become necessary, involve them in the birth process at any point.

Our Midwife Services Include:

  • Normal pregnancy care
  • Bedside labor support and delivery
  • Birth prep and planning visits
  • Family centered care
    • Sibling involvement with prenatal visits
    • Partner involvement with labor and deliveries
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC)
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Gynecological care
  • Birth control
  • Co-management of high risk pregnancy with a physician
  • C-section Support

Your Guide to Pregnancy

As your healthcare provider, we promise to provide you with excellent care as you bring your little one into the world. To help you along, we've created Your Guide to Pregnancy. It includes information about our providers, our office, appointments, procedures and so much more! 

Please download and complete the Birth Preparation Form. Bring this along with you to your next appointment.

Your Guide to Pregnancy
Testing for COVID-19 Before Delivery
COVID & Pregnancy

+ We recommend pregnant women stop working outside of the home 2 weeks prior to delivery, or at 37 weeks on average. This is so that you can isolate at home for the 2 weeks prior to delivery so that your chance of having COVID-19 when you deliver your baby is as low as possible, to keep you and your baby safe. This is especially important if you work in a job with higher risk of exposure, such as a long term care facility, jail, meat packing facility, or other jobs where social distancing is difficult. If your partner and other children can also stay home during this time, that would be ideal, to decrease your risk of exposure to COVID-19. We understand not everyone is able to do this. If you need a note for your employer stating these recommendations, please let us know.

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Make A Birth Plan

A birth plan is an expression of your wishes for your birth including, pain relief, feeding, birth witnesses, etc. You may find it helpful to take the time to express your thoughts and desires regarding your upcoming birth ahead of time. Together, we can discuss it and share it with the hospital staff.

Please download and complete the Birth Preparation Form. Bring this along with you to your next appointment or Telemedicine Visit!

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Brittany Piersanti was excited, yet nervous, about the birth of her second child. She delivered her first child via C-section and was unsure if she would be required to have a repeat C-section or if she would be a good candidate for a vaginal delivery. After careful consideration, Dr. Aronson determined that Brittany was a great candidate for a VBAC since it had been over one year since her first pregnancy. Brittany welcomed her son via successful vaginal delivery (VBAC) in August 2019! 

The Group proudly supports VBACs and feels confident when determining if patients are good candidates. The Group also has a lot of support at Genesis for VBACs. An in-house anesthesiologist is on staff at all times. If you live in or around the Quad Cities and are curious if you are a good candidate for a VBAC, we recommend contacting our team of physicians and midwives at The Group!

We are ready and willing to assist you with questions about your care, so please do not hesitate to contact us at 563.355.1853

You may also find it helpful to use our online Resources or FAQs. Visit these pages to find definitions and descriptions of terms, procedures, diagnoses, tests, and other information intended to answer some basic questions you may have.

The Group Difference

We believe in collaboration at The Group and during your pregnancy journey, you have the choice of rotating providers for each pre-natal appointment to get to know each one. There will always be a designated Obstetrician and CNM on-call to deliver your baby.

We specialize in pre pregnancy planning, normal and high risk pregnancies, postpartum care and so much more!

Expert Care Icon Expert Care

We are the most experienced group of obstetricians and midwives in the Quad Cities. We are proud to offer unmatched and comprehensive services for all expectant mothers.

Delivery Icon Delivery

We have the lowest primary C-section rate (C-sections among first time mothers) in the Quad Cities. In addition, we offer VBACs (vaginal birth after C-section) with a high success rate.

Anesthesiologist Icon Anesthesiologist

During labor and delivery there is a dedicated OB anesthesiologist dedicated to you. That means your care is top priority.

Hospital Icon Hospital

We deliver at Genesis East, the hospital with the highest level of neonatal care (NICU) in the Quad Cities. University of Iowa NICU physicians work with us at Genesis so your baby, should the need arise, will receive the best available care.

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