Losing a pregnancy can be very overwhelming and hard to understand. As a patient of The Group, we want to make sure you feel as supported as possible and that you have access to all of the necessary options and resources available.

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Understand Your Next Steps

Depending on your gestational age, your health, and other considerations and discussions with your healthcare provider, you may have the options of expectant management, medical management, or having a dilation and curettage.

  • Labor & Deliver of a Stillborn
  • Dilation & Evacuation
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Early Pregnancy Loss

Recovery, Remember & Resources

  • Recovery
  • Remembering & Honoring Your Baby
  • Saying Farewell to Your Baby
  • Resources & Books

We are ready and willing to assist you with questions about your care, so please do not hesitate to contact us at 563.355.1853

You may also find it helpful to use our online Resources or FAQs. Visit these pages to find definitions and descriptions of terms, procedures, diagnoses, tests, and other information intended to answer some basic questions you may have.

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