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Very Low Calorie Diet

  • A safe and effective, medically-supervised weight loss solution.
  • 800-1000 calories a day for men; 600-800 calories a day for women. (See beverages)
  • Pre-program comprehensive medical evaluation to determine if this program is appropriate for you.
  • Weekly health status monitoring.
  • Weekly clinic and optional group for support and accountability.

Why a VLCD?

  • All of your nutritional needs are met
  • The program is medically supervised by a team of healthcare professionals
  • Rapid results inspire you to keep moving towards your long-term goals. Average weekly weight loss is 3 to 5 pounds.
  • “Burn” FAT as a fuel source

Low Calorie Diet 

  • Less than 40 pounds of weight to lose for women and less than 50 pounds for men
  • There is a slower rate of weight loss than with Level 1 (about 1-2 pounds/week)
  • You will have two meal-replacing beverages per day and one modified meal according to the food exchange system

Overview of a LCD

  • Same screening process as for VLCD (will be discussed in detail at that time)
  • Weekly clinic and optional group for support and accountability
  • Success correlates with ability to adjust lifestyle choices
  • Not as closely supervised by medical team

12 Week Change Your Life Program

  • For participants with fewer than 40# to lose.
  • Slower rate of weight loss: typically 1-2# per week.
  • No meal replacement products are used. Instead a diet emphasizing real, whole foods will be utilized.
  • Screening process is less rigorous which means you can start sooner!
  • Take advantage of the comprehensive program and professional guidance to help you reach your health goals.
  • Weekly visits with Nutritionist, Health coach and Personal Trainer and Medical supervision from Nurse Practitioner.
  • Pay in advance to receive a 20% discount on this program.

Corporate Program

Let Weight Management at The Group come to you and receive Corporate pricing. Call today to inquire about our Corporate Weight Management Program.

Educational Programs/Speakers Available

If you need a speaker for your church group, school or group function or would like a nutrition or fitness related program, call our Program Director today to inquire.

Other Weight Management at The Group Services

Dexa Body Fat Analysis: State of the art method to accurately determine your lean body mass vs percentage of body fat

Nutritional Counseling: Don’t need to lose weight but want some nutritional guidance to improve your health and that of your family? Schedule an appointment with our Nutritionist today!

Fitness Coaching: Don’t need to lose weight but need some guidance to individualize or tweak your exercise routine? Want to lean up and gain some muscle? Need the accountability that comes with having a personal fitness coach? Schedule an appointment with our Personal Trainer today!

Health Coaching: Habits are HARD to change. Whether you need to quit smoking, learn to manage your stress better, improve your sleep or any add any healthy habit to your life, a health coach will partner with you to help you bring about lasting lifestyle change. Schedule an appointment for health coaching today!

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