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Low Calorie Diet Programs

Very Low Calorie Diet
• 800-1000 calories a day for men; 600-800 calories a day for women
• Average weekly weight loss is 3 to 5 pounds
• Burn fat as a fuel source

Low Calorie Diet
• Less than 40lbs (woman) or 50lbs (man) of weight to lose
• Average weekly weight loss is 1 or 2 pounds
• You will have two meal-replacing beverages per day and one modified meal

12 Week Change Your Life Program

If you have less than 40lbs (woman) or 50lbs (man) of weight to lose, the 12 week Change Your Life Program can work for you. With weekly visits with our medically trained team, we emphasis a diet full of real, whole foods instead of meal replacement products. There is a slower rate of weight loss than our other programs, typically 1-2lbs per week. Pay in advance and receive a 20% discount! Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Corporate Program

Let Weight Management at The Group come to you and receive special corporate pricing. Call today to inquire about our Corporate Weight Management Program.

Educational Programs/Speakers

If you need a speaker for your church group, school or group function or would like to begin a nutrition and fitness-related program, call our Program Director today.

Other Weight Management at The Group Services

Dexa Body Fat Analysis: We offer Dexa because it is a state-of-the-art method used to accurately determine your lean body mass and your body fat percentage.

Nutritional Counseling: We want you and your family to be as healthy as possible. If you’re simply looking for expert, personalized, nutritional guidance to improve your health, schedule an appointment with our Nutritionist today!

Fitness Coaching: If you’re looking for the benefits of a personal trainer, look no farther than The Group. Our trainer can help personalize a workout for you dependent on your abilities and goals. Find the accountability you’re looking for. Schedule an appointment with our Personal Trainer today.

Health Coaching: Habits are hard to change. Whether you need to quit smoking, learn to manage your stress better, or improve your sleep a health coach will partner with you to help you make lasting lifestyle changes. Schedule an appointment for health coaching today!

Weight Management at The Group accepts Medicare!

Medicare allows for 22 visits in a calendar year for Comprehensive Behavioral Therapy for Weight Management. You may take advantage of your Medicare benefit in our group settings with no additional monthly fee. Your only cost will be the cost of meal replacement products.

Commit to Success Program

If you have more than 40 pounds to lose and are ready to commit to health while also saving money, this is the program for you. Commit yourself to a comprehensive 3-month weight loss plan with our expert Weight Management team. It’s designed just for you! The price of the package includes meal replacements, personal training, health coaching, and more.

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